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Mac Davison Testimonial

Mac Davison Testimonial



Dear Gail, Kevin, and Paul ~
Gainesville Harley Family (Gail, Kevin, and Paul and the entire Gainesville team and family) ~

I have felt at home at your dealership from the first day that I rode into town in search of Wendell to have him tune-up my current Harley at the time (1997-1998). As I followed Wendell from Jacksonville to Gainesville Harley-Davidson, which is what brought me to become a member of the GHD family.

During one of my many visits to the dealership; I remember many a day that the team members would always look forward to getting a "BigMacDadddy" Hug. I use to always hug Ray Lyle and pick him up off the ground as I hugged him. Soon most of the mechanics would ask where is "MY HUG MAN"!!!! Over time even some of the female staff would always look for one of the unique "BigMacDadddy" hug.

I am really today motivated to write and share this review because of the ever evolving FAMILY dealership!!! And my personal experience on Tuesday June 14th and 15th, 2016 at the dealership is a true testimony of the Family feel of your Dealership. Gail, Kevin and Paul, I wanted to express my sincerely praise for your recent changes in the dealership staffing, because of life events and just the course of doing business.

I chatted with Paul on Saturday June 11, 2016, and shared with him a problem that I had when I purchased a set of new tires for my Road King here locally in Fort Myers. After paying for the new tires. I became painfully aware after riding the Road King that the mechanics shop had no tire balancing equipment!!!!! I felt stuck between a rock and a hard spot. I asked Paul if he would consider re-balancing these tires for me in GHD dealership. And Paul said he would do the job for me. Paul said if I arrived at the dealership about 1:00 pm on Tuesday June 14, 2016; the service department could probably work my re-balancing work order in the days work schedule. As I was about 40-mile south of the dealership when I called and spoke to David Baily and mentioned I would probably make to the dealership within the hour of my call. He said the Paul had mentioned to him that I would be coming into the dealership service department for re-balancing of my tires. So as a result I of my most recent personal service department experience (re- affirming what already knew) I will always return to GHD for my full services and tire needs (as I have had 50,000 miles of solid riding on this current Road King when it has been service by GHD)

I recently had a Problem with a new set of front and rear tires needing to be re-balancing. As I have done for many years in the past since 1998, I rode to your dealership for the help I knew I could trust and rely upon for getting my 2013 Road King road worth for an upcoming trip from Fort Myers to Dallas Texas to Ann Arbor, Michigan and returning to Fort Myers.

Per my request the tires were balanced and I was on my way back to fort Myers from Gainesville; it seemed like the front end vibration continued. So after getting home after the 529 mile round trip on Tuesday night June 14th; I decided at 10:00 pm that night that I needed to return to the Dealership the next day to get the Road King roadworthy. I was up at 6:30 am and back on the rad by 8:30 am and I arrived at the dealership about 1:00 pm on Wednesday June 15th after another one-way trip of 265 miles.

I was fortunate enough to have jasper Rowe ask (in front of me) Mark the Shop foreman to test drive mi scooter. Mark said he could get to it in about 15 minutes after he finished up his current customer bike repair; and he ask if I had time; and I said sure I am in no hurry; I have all day.

I meet Mark for the first time when Jasper made the request of him to test drive mi scooter. As Mark was getting ready to ride my bike he asked what are my normal cruising speeds are. I shared to Mark that I had ordered this scooter in October 2012; and had a stage IV kit installed when the scooter arrived at the dealership in a crate on January 11, 2013. and the scooter now has 50,000 miles on it and my normal cruising speed are usually between 75 and 82 MPH.

Mark returned from the test drive and said that the vibration was still very evident at multiple speeds, and they would correct the problem. Well as I waited in the main showroom soon Dustin (Cowboy) appears as he was the mechanic working my job order request for my tire re-balancing (and as a side note he originally installed the Stage VI kit), he said the problem is not the balancing of the wheels and tires as the wheels are balanced, but rather that the right front wheel bearing has gone bad. he then asks if I still have warranty. And I said no I do not any warranty. And I said I have no choice for safety sake but to have the two new front wheel bearings installed. And I just mentioned I am newly retired and that my cash resources are a little are limited and I asked what he thought it would cost, and he mentioned Probably around $140. I said that I have that and I would like him to proceed and make the scooter road worthy.

As I drove home from your Gainesville HD dealership finishing my 1058 mile trips to your dealership; I vowed to myself that I will always be willing to make the trip to the Dealership for the quality service I have become to rely upon and to Visit the Family!!!!

I have nothing but gratitude and praise for your personal commitments to keeping Ray Lytles dream ALIVE and WELL, to keep your Dealership a family run business ever widening the Gainesville Harley-Davidson Family experience as time passes on.Sincerely

Mac Davison AKA BigMacdaddy